How to Maintain Bathroom Hardware

2019-08-09 1086

1. After sanitary hardware equipment, we should pay attention to prevent rust and corrosion. Light switch in daily use to prevent hard switch and hard switch from forming damage.

2. For fastening screw equipment hardware, metal lining must be built in, and the thickness of the lining should be at least twice the tooth spacing of the fastener. No fastening on plastic profiles or non-metallic lining is allowed.

3. Choose hardware fittings, their models, specifications and performance should conform to the relevant rules of the current national norms, and stop matching with the selected sanitary ware.

4. The sliding hinges on windows should not be made of aluminium alloy materials. It is better to make them from stainless steel materials because the hardness of stainless steel materials is better than that of aluminium alloys.

5. The shower door of the common bathroom shower room adopts push-pull method. If it is a push-pull door whose width exceeds 1 m or a double-glazed shower door, it is more appropriate to set up double pulleys or choose rolling pulleys to ensure the convenience and smoothness of the use of the shower door.