Influencing factors of hardware fittings for sanitary ware

2019-08-09 1047

Bathroom hardware is a metal product installed in the bathroom for articles, including flower sprinkler, faucet, hardware pendant, toilet water, corner valve and other accessories. The level of domestic manufacturing varies from good to bad, and the incomplete bathroom hardware will affect the quality of the overall product. So, what is the impact of bathroom hardware on the whole product? What are the differences between different brands? Next, let's have a detailed understanding of the factors affecting the quality of bathroom hardware fittings and purchase methods.

Factors Influencing the Quality of Sanitary Ware Hardware Fittings

Five pieces of bathroom include flower sprinkler, tap, hardware pendant, toilet water, corner valve, etc. The world's major brands such as Kohler, TOTO, American Standard and so on have relatively perfect skills and technology level. Although domestic hardware production also has certain development, the overall level of good and bad is uneven, small enterprises are mostly handicraft workshops, inadequate product technology and production skills often lead to poor quality of accessories, and affect the quality of the whole product, so that the service life of products is shorter.

Because five products are only attributed to sanitary fittings, they appear in the form of supporting products when they are sold at the terminal, and they are only a part of sanitary products. Many consumers pay little attention to them when they choose and purchase, which also creates the conditions available to the merchants.

Almost five of all products of many domestic sanitary ware enterprises are purchased from abroad, but when consumers consult and purchase such products, manufacturers will introduce their own production. A domestic brand bathroom manufacturer disclosed that "it is difficult for laymen to judge the quality of five bathroom items from their appearance, and there is no obvious difference in the trial process. Enterprises often start from the angle of cost control when purchasing accessories, and the price of brand accessories is too high to be considered generally.