What's the function of the bathroom glass clip?

2019-08-09 1021

Bath glass clip, see this word, we first think it should be used in the bathroom in a product, in fact, this product also has many advantages, its device is simple, the use is more extensive, then we know what the bathroom glass clip raw materials are? What are its specific applications in daily life? Following is an introduction to the identification and advantages of bathroom glass clip data.

[effect of glass clip in bathroom]

Of the 11 decorative parts requiring the use of safety glass, there are as many as 8 touching the interior decorative parts. It includes skylights (including skylights, daylighting roofs), ceiling, stairs, balconies, channel corridors, and bathroom shower interval, bathtub interval, bathroom door.

For door glass and fixed door glass, the regulations require: when the glass area is greater than or equal to 0.5 square meters, frame glass should be used with all glass; frameless glass is necessary to use safety glass, and the thickness is not less than 10 mm. In home decoration, the interior compartment and bathroom glass are sensitive parts.

The indoor compartment door and fixed door are the main dangerous areas vulnerable to human impact. Therefore, it is necessary to restrict the area of plate surface when using ordinary annealed glass for structural support.

If unstructured glass doors and fixed doors are made of laminated, sandwiched or ordinary annealed glass, once they are impacted and cracked, the debris will fall off and disperse without structural support, which will cause serious injury to the human body. Therefore, we should adopt a kind of glass which is not easy to crack, even if it breaks, the fragments are not easy to hurt, and toughened glass with a thickness of more than 10 mm just meets the requirements.

The floor and wall in the bathroom are often stained with water. When people walk around or support the wall with their hands, they are prone to slip and fall. They may impact the glass spacing and shower screen associated with the bathroom. Therefore, the framed glass used for the shower spacing and bathtub spacing should be tempered glass, single piece of fireproof glass and sandwich glass.

All frameless glass except the door in the bathroom shall be made of tempered glass, monolithic fireproof glass and laminated glass not less than 5mm. Frameless glass doors in bathhouses should be made of toughened glass not less than 10 mm thick. In order to prevent the impact of glass, the human body is severely damaged.